Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Challenge: Complete!

The Challenge:
Working out every day of January following Jillian's 30 Day Shred DVD

How it played out:
1/04-1/14 Level 1
1/15-1/21 Level 2
1/22-1/29 Level 3
1/30-1/31 Level 2 & 1

The Results:
Weight lost: 0.1 lbs (Went up 2 lbs but came back down to original at the end)
Inches lost: [Bust 3.25"] [Waist 1.25"] [Hip 0"] [Thigh 1"]
Other changes/Reflection:
I lost a lot of inches around my bust, but no worries, it was not from the front but from the back. :D I lost of a lot of the fat I had back there and my sides that used to create those pesky rolls when wearing a bra. I now have hope that I will be able to get down to my HS size for waist if I keep going (which I will, just 0.5" away)! How exciting. I can now do man pushups, which I could never do before. I eat a lot more often but less at a time, so I know my metabolism was boosted by exercising every day. I've also proved to myself that I can push past the pain/laziness and exercise every single day and it feels really really good. I now take showers every day (as opposed to every other day) so I guess I'm cleaner in a way. Most importantly, I know I can do what I set my mind to and I feel pretty darn strong in body and mind. *one more thing! --My eczema is pretty much gone! It hasn't been back since I've started exercising so hopefully it'll stay away.

I also challenged myself to take pictures according to a theme every month, and January's was food. I ended up cooking a lot (which Tare enjoyed) and it was a lot of new recipes. They were all great (minus one) and I will probably make them again. As I mentioned before, this has made me a lot faster in the kitchen in terms of using the knife and getting ingredients prepared. Oh, and I really enjoy taking pictures of food so it was good practice in getting up close and trying to capture all the textures and colors. I don't have much to play with set-wise, but I hope to be able to do that better really really soon. ;)

By the way, we just put a deposit down on a house today. We are SO excited and feel really jittery and flutterbies in our stomach. Please pray for us that we'll trust God to provide and guide us as we transition into the next step of our lives. Thanks!

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