Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Crepes


Is there a way to make a nutella crepe look good in a picture? I mean it tastes heavenly but even in reality, it looks kinda like a poop smear. So I spared you the thought by not taking the picture.

What I really didn't want to ever happen happened today. I was asked to teach our three year old class for Sunday School this week since the actual teacher wasn't going to make it. So I was prepared to teach the little lesson and watch over them. Well, the actual teacher actually made it today and said she would just be the helper, like I (& Tare) usually am. It was awkward for me because it's like I'm "performing" in front of the teacher that does it really well. It was odd to ask her to do stuff and have her redirect the childrens' questions to me because "Miss Hana is the teacher today, you need to ask her!" I guess it was her trying to be nice and make it comfortable (?) but it was really strange for me. I hope it doesn't happen again next week when I have to teach. But it was a good day because we all made crowns & were forgiving queens and kings. :D We even took a huge group picture, so cute! (And it's truly amazing the difference it makes when the difficult kids don't show up! They were angels today.)

I look forward to the new week! Yes, come on Monday!

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