Friday, January 22, 2010

A BBQ Dinner

Yesterday (and today for lunch) we had beef BBQ and mac&cheese.


It was my first time using both recipes and they turned out really well.

Beef BBQ
The beef was so tender and the BBQ sauce it cooked in was so simple to make and DELICIOUS! It's a really simple recipe where you dump things into the dutch oven or slow cooker and just leave it for four hours. I also like how I was able to make the sauce to my taste because I prefer sweet to tangy when it comes to BBQ sauce.

Beef BBQ

The macaroni and cheese was yummy too and had a good crust to it. I think I would have preferred it before baking though because it's much creamier.
Mac & CheeseMac & Cheese

I really enjoy cooking and being able to make what I used to only eat at restaurants. Recipes don't always come out well but I've noticed they are easier to follow now that I'm starting to learn how certain foods cook and how my oven seems to work on my own through experience. I'm faster at getting everything prepared and my knife skills are improving daily. :D I always thought my grandma and mom were super cooks (and they still are when they cook for me!) but I think I have some hope in getting as good as them if I keep practicing. It's fun and I love the time I spend in preparation for Tare's return home.
I still don't have my "special" dishes yet though... I keep going through recipes only once or twice and moving onto the next. I guess it's because I don't like eating the same thing over and over again. I must prepare for my family's coming later this year though! I want to make as many goodies as I can for them while they're here. Yes, you should look forward to it.

I love early weekends when Tare is home! The rain and snow in CA is shutting down the highways and stuff so we can't go down south as we were planning to but I guess we'll find something to do at home. Maybe some more wall art?

Or playing with Aji so she loses weight?

She looks kinda like a sausage. I love those dainty legs and huge eyes though. and maybe the spotted nose too. and gorgeous tail. and floppy ears. But not her butt-scooting, no not that.

Happy weekend!

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