Thursday, February 18, 2010

Catch My Eye

I've been holding off on shopping for two months now. I have been doing really well! However, the itch is slowly starting to come back... especially with handbags and shoes.
Some lovelies that catch my eye...

i heart alfresco. i am strongly considering getting this bag instead of...

this one in white. but i still love you both.

i love this cute number.

you! in watermelon & purple martin! i haven't been looking at bigger totes lately but these guys make my heart tingle.

i heart this random find that's majorly on sale for unknown reason. who cares though, you're beautiful & you look strong.

hello lovely! i'm not sure what it is about the watermelon color but it really makes me love.

i cannot resist the flowery goodness.

*squeals of happy want*

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