Saturday, January 16, 2010

Creative Jumpstart

In the past 24 hours, I've completed 3 projects from Style School. It's a lot of fun to be able to take the posted project instructions & personalize with my own style. And I feel uber creative & productive cranking these out.

Love Theme Wall Art
Love theme Photo Wall Art
I love the extra heart in the reflection. Our mini photoshoot today with my chocolate fuji. I love the heart that I made for this! It looks so puffy & pretty so I left it on my wall.
This frame is brightening up a corner of our bedroom! Love the pink in our room. :D I will definitely make more...

Fabric pom-pom necklace
Fabric Pom-pom NecklaceFabric Pom-pom Necklace
I made it so it would be pretty wearable but I'm not sure when I will try it. I think it's cute & fun though.

Faux Vintage Brooch Wreath
Faux Vintage Brooch Wreath
Faux Vintage Brooch Wreath
I crocheted the flowers, so puffy <3. & I glued on some jewels for the centers. I'm glad I got to use the vintage ribbon & leftover fabric.

Now I need to do some sewing but I'll wait until Monday.

I'm definitely enjoying my Saturday! I totally beat Tare in Settlers so I didn't have to do dishes, yay! I beat him all the time though, so I guess it's not too surprising. :D ahaha.
I only suspected, but Aji has indeed been sneaking around my light tent. She was napping in it while we were distracted by the game! I couldn't be upset at her though because this is one of those cute things she does that I can't help but laugh about.

Happy weekend!

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