Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dear Tare,

You ate another year today (miyukgook) so you are now twenty-three. Sometimes I think you were born to take care of me and make me feel like a princess because you do it so well. I'm sure that's not your only purpose, but I hope you know how happy you make me and how wonderful it is to be married to a guy like you. I know we didn't do much today for your birthday, but I'm glad to see you enjoy the day and take it all in like an adult. :D You are always overflowing with positivity and I know it's affected me to be more positive too! I promise to get you the present you want after we move into our new house. Thanks for being mine. You are the best husband, sometimes oppa, sometimes dongseng, always my best friend, and sometimes panda all rolled into one Korean dude. I love you and wish you the happiest birthday.

Rainbow gift

Rainbow gift
{full rainbow capture attempt with panoramic stitching}

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