Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Challenge: Complete!

1. Rainbow gift, 2. flowers galore, 3. Breakfast, 4. rest, 5. Photo Walk T, 6. Photo Walk T, 7. Photo Walk T, 8. Photo Walk T, 9. Photo Walk T, 10. Valentine's Desserts, 11. Wardrobe Remix, 12. LA Street Food Fest, 13. Wardrobe Remix, 14. LA Street Food Fest, 15. LA Street Food Fest, 16. Care Packages, 17. Wooden Family, 18. Photo Walk F, 19. Photo Walk F, 20. Love:, 21. Love:, 22. Guitar of Memories, 23. Studio Inspiration Board, 24. Handcarved Stamp Set, 25. Love:

I can't believe February is over now. I almost feel cheated because it was an uber short month that lagged in the beginning but sped up by the end. As for my guitar challenge, I failed to play every day. However, I am getting a better sense of strumming and playing the chords with more accuracy. It's not too surprising that I didn't practice because that's how it was with piano too. My teachers and judges at competitions would always see something more in me but I never really took that and ran with it. I wanted to play what I wanted when I wanted, not practice the same piece over and over and over again. I practice when I need to, but I don't always enjoy it. I guess I'm fine with not being a musical prodigy. :D But I think I want to dabble in too many things without fully committing anywhere! I'm not sure if that's a real problem yet though...

I've continued to stay active throughout the month although not daily like in January. I'm maintaining! Tare and I are looking into P90X right now though. It's time for some tough love to our bodies, but that's way later when we're all moved in. (It's overwhelming... 15 videos, 3 phases of diet plans, keeping track of it every day, gah!! I need to plan it out.) Anyone tried it out before? How long did you last?

Photography-wise, I don't think I got out very much during the week because it rained for like 3 out of 4 weeks! It was crazy, this is not supposed to happen in Bako! It's odd but I think the weather all over the world is kinda weird these days. Please pray about all the natural disasters hitting such populated areas. However, I think I took some real quality pictures this month so I am really proud of myself. I feel like I've pushed as far as I can go with regular point and shoot digital cameras. Just one more month & I'll have my pretty!!

I hope you enjoyed your Love month!

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