Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hi 20-10!

What the cupcakes said!
Aren't they cute? They're mini cupcakes I made for going over to one of Tare's coworker's house on New Year's Eve. He has 4 little ones and they really enjoyed them and they were the perfect size, even for the two year old! Very cute :D

I'm afraid our New Year started two days late. We didn't get to eat dduk gook until this afternoon! Finally we've eaten our new year's tradition and I'm ready to get the year started. We were supposed to go to LA to get the ingredients for dduk gook on Friday but we slept in because we had stayed up late and drank a happy amount of sangria. teehee. So instead we headed there yesterday and we were in and out like *snap* that!

On the way, there was a crazy fog going on. There is a lot of that during the winter here. Odd, isn't it? As soon as we got out of Bakersfield area though, it cleared up perfectly.

I found a 1Night2Days Cafe on the way to Galleria. Weird! 설마 주문할때 복불복아니야? I hope not.

I guess the jajangmyun for lunch & tangsooyook+tonkatsu for dinner didn't work out too well for me yesterday so I suffered through the night and this morning with some serious nausea. Missed church :( but I still made some dduk gook for lunch so Tare doesn't starve. It was my first time (since I always had my grandma to make it for me in CO... but no more *tears*) & it came out almost identical to hers! Who knew fish sauce made the difference?

I've set up a list of goals for this new year. I'm very excited to accomplish them!
A few to share...
Saving more money towards a house and hopefully being able to buy a house by the end of this year.
Monthly themes for improving my amateur photography skills.
Studying the Bible in a different way this year instead of reading just straight through like the last two years. Looking closer!
Practicing the guitar and mastering the F chord! I've finally got C down.
Finishing more craft projects regularly.

It feels great to start out with a plan and see how far I get and where else God takes me.

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