Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lake Isabella & Banana Toast

Sounds pretty, right? ...Well... it wasn't. I mean, it could have been much prettier, but this fog just does not go away! It greets me every single morning. That's winter in Bako for you.
Before I get to those pictures, I want to share a recipe for toasted banana sandwich! It's adapted from a Korean recipe I found and never tried until yesterday when we decided to go on a drive. We were supposed to pack it and eat it there like a picnic but we slept in. :D Sleep is good. So by the time I finished making it and looked at the time, I said we should just eat and go.

Toasted Banana Sandwich (adapted from a Korean recipe)
1/2 banana
Cabbage or lettuce leaves (I used cabbage because that's what we have)
Slices of tomato
1 egg
A little bit of diced carrots & onion
Olive oil (for the frying pan)
Slices of turkey or ham
Cheese (optional, I did not have any)
2 pieces of bread
Mayonnaise (you HAVE to use this, no mustard, MAYO. It is the star of almost all Korean sandwich recipes.)

1) Toast the bread! I highly recommend you do this as a lot of yummy things are going in between them.
2) Mix up (beat) the egg, diced onion and carrots, and a little salt. Cook in the frying pan in a thin layer.
3) Heat up the turkey or ham slices in the frying pan with leftover heat.
4) Cut banana into slices. The long way would probably work better than the short way.
5) Once that is all ready, put together in this order:
Bread -- cabbage/lettuce -- egg -- turkey/ham -- tomato -- banana.
Spread ketchup & mayo on the top slice & put it all together! DEVOUR!

I know, I know, banana in a savory sandwich? BUT IT'S AWESOME. Man, Korean people come up with the most interesting combinations (e.g., bulgogi burger, fruit&egg&potato&other random ingredients salad (which comes together with, of course, mayo)).

Please try and let me know how delicious it was. :D

Back to Lake Isabella pictures...

Aji crashed afterwards in the most awkward spot.

Other exciting news! I made myself a light tent! Totally DIY (following someone else's instructions).


Some sample pictures...

(I didn't have anything interesting to take pictures of late last night.)
Isn't it great? I think it is. :D It was worth cleaning up all the nasty little box bits leftover.

I've been cooking every day this past week and have so many pictures! I can't wait to share at the end of the month~ I'll make them into a pretty collage or something.
Some sweets I made a few nights ago. They are called Mae Jak Gwa, and they are fried ginger cookies with a cinnamon sugar syrup coating. SO GOOD Tare & I ate them all in 1.5 days.

I only wish I had more people around to feed.

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