Tuesday, February 23, 2010

a mix of things.

Yesterday I was looking through my hard drive to find my old school ID and password to get a transcript and I randomly opened up my diary. It was from 5 years ago when I started dating Tare and I had kept little notes about each date we went on for about 6 months or so until we both started writing a diary together in a journal. It was embarrassing and funny. It was immature and innocent. It brought back small details that I had forgotten and how my no became yes to like to love and then forever. Interestingly, Tare had brought up marriage a long time before I had even thought about it and he loved me before I loved him. I'm glad he pursued me and waited around for me to reciprocate his love and most of all I'm glad he found Christ and reciprocated God's love for him. It reminded me of this little writing I found...

I think about this every time we start dancing to the music on tv commercials, we stay up in bed after the lights are turned off and giggle like we're having a sleepover every single night, we know how the other will react before it happens which is freaky but romantic, one of us farts and I call it out while he pretends he never heard a thing (we don't do this freely and probably never will!), complain about how Aji stinks like Doritoes every time she tries to kiss him & take over my lap, and so many other weird, weird things. It is love.

I got my giveaway prize in the mail yesterday too! Ta-da!

The packaging is so cute and happy.

And this is what my living room looks like.

It's a mess of boxes but we haven't even started the kitchen yet. Eeks!
There's going to be a lot of packing and cleaning in the days ahead. I'm a little afraid. A little overwhelmed, but one thing at a time.

Can't wait for tonight's small group dinner! We're having a Filipino food night! YUM!

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