Thursday, February 25, 2010

More than just the house

Almost only a week left until moving day now. It's getting closer and closer and I'm packing little by little. It's working out well so far. But what I'm really spending most of my time on is researching appliances and furniture for the house! We need a fridge, washer & dryer, sofa or sectional, bed for master bedroom, and all the little things like trash cans and bath mats.

There are so many things to consider with each appliance/furniture:
fridge - side by side or top freezer or bottom freezer or french door
washer - top loader or front loader, aenergy efficiency
dryer - gas or electric
sofa - fabric or leather, color, how many seats/chairs
bed - platform or normal, leather, fabric, king size or queen size or even cal king size
etc. etc.
plus looking into all the different brands and their reviews and where to buy from (Lowes, Home Depot, Best Buy, Sears, somewhere else)! Can we buy things just by looking at it online or should we see it in person; if so, where is it?!

{sadly, the only freaking out picture I could find}

It's a little stressful. It's new because we're thinking about long-term use here and choosing what we'll have to live with. It was easy just moving in and out of apartments which had all the generic appliances. I guess it's a little easier to know I'm not high maintenance and my standard is rock-bottom in terms of appliances. I have trouble reading reviews of some of the products because some people are really high maintenance about the smallest things! It really skews the review because part of it is knowing how to use it properly.
It really reminds me of when I was planning my wedding. It was all new and there was no one that could really help me or someone to relate with except Even then, it didn't always answer my questions. If I knew then what I know now, we would have had a totally different wedding, but I guess that's how all life experiences are, right? I just hope I'm making the right and wise decisions again because it's a lot of big purchases in a short amount of time.

The up-side of this is that I get to go on an IKEA run in a few weeks! yessiryessir! I plan on eating there next time.

I found this cool place in southern California that I want to visit! Have you heard about it? It's called Salvation Mountain. I urge you to visit the site; doesn't it look amazing??

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