Friday, January 8, 2010

Photo Walk R

I received my new camera a few days ago. It's a Pentax Optio P80 which I have been singing about for a few weeks. I got it specifically for a few features, and I've been playing around with it. While it's fun to play with and has lots of cool little editing features, I have to say that I would regret not having my Sony Cybershot T70 around. So I'll keep both of them and use them for different purposes. Until I get my latest wishlist item sometime in the future... muhahaha. I literally dream about it.

anyway. This is my mint pentax. (I don't name my electronics, simply give them a color. For example, my chocolate fuji. In the future, I hope to have a cherry or blue G1.) Mint is currently one of my favorite colors so I was excited to have the selection!

It's an interesting little P&S camera. When I first got it, I exclaimed "How tiny!!" but when I compared it to my black sony, it was the same size. It was simply lighter. Very very light, in fact that it feels like a cell phone. I adore it. I have some issues with it but it does other things so well I can't really complain too much. I will just have to get warmed up to it completely over time. So I begin with yesterday's photo walk.

This one looked like a hand.

This one and the one below were taken at the same time. What a difference in light.

It has been very foggy around here so it's really taking away the natural sunlight. I will have to make a lightbox soon. :D
Happy weekend!

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