Thursday, January 21, 2010

Steps Toward a Home

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Yesterday, Tare and I had a meeting with a mortgage broker. He was very nice and generous in his leading us through the somewhat scary (not really but I was nervous for some reason) and exciting process of getting approved for a loan and buying a house. So in the 25 minutes we were there, we found out we are approved for a certain price of house and it felt so wonderful. As you can see in the picture above, a house, no a home, of our own is what I really wanted this year. This apartment thing doesn't get us anywhere and it's just money out the door; I can't wait until that same money goes toward owning a house, or equity. I am so grateful to God for answering our prayers because we were unsure about how this would work out, if we should even consider buying a house this year, etc. but He is so good in providing for us. Somehow I feel like I'm on warp speed from college-->grad school-->married-->moving-->and soon to own house. I mean 22 years of age and I'm here doing this right now! What can I say, did I get a good catch or what? (as the broker guy said.)

I'm excited to start house hunting. I have a few things I'd like in the house and the type of neighborhood I want but I haven't dreamed about wanting this for that long of a time. That means I don't have all these wishlist items that I absolutely must have and have a high standard for my first home; what do you call that? homezilla? like bridezilla? I wasn't that either. For the price range of house we want, we get a "lot of house" here in Bako and I'm glad. I want my family over and have the room for that (and friends if you wanna stop by :D). I just can't wait to get started because after this... it will only get better.

I'm praying we'll find the house we want here by April 30th. That's the cutoff date for the first homebuyers tax credit=lots of money back to us. Again, I don't really have anyone to ask questions about the process or anything else I'm curious about on a more personal level which is a bummer... but that's life the same way it's always been for me. I forge ahead alone (with Tare) and maybe I'll help someone else later on with my experience.

I'm excited!! *freak out*

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