Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Up in the Night

Last night I went to bed around 11pm.

This morning I woke up around 1:30am.

I was woken by the sounds of my dog jumping off the bed, sniffing around, and walking around the room.
I am very sensitive to her sounds these days because she hasn't been feeling well and eventually what really got me up was the smell.
I checked out the pad near the door where she does her business in the middle of the night. It was pretty disgusting and definitely not normal stool. It stank like no other.
I decided to clean it up and since it was so dirtied, I just stayed up to do some laundry so her other pad could get washed just in case she needed to go again.

She kept scratching at the door to be with me so I brought her out with me to wait. It was because of her after all. But she wouldn't settle and kept walking around (which makes me paranoid since she might go on the carpet somewhere in the house). So this is what I did.

Is that not the cutest thing? Little feet and tail sticking out, it looked so funny!

We're going to the vet tomorrow to check her out. I really hope it's not irritable bowel syndrome, which is what the internet diagnosed her symptoms as.
Poor Aji. Poor me who has to clean up after her.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Highlights

simply beautiful
{While driving by purple fields on the way to LA two weeks ago; had to share!}

I hope your weekend was as delightful as mine! I didn't do anything particularly exciting, but it was enjoyable all the same.

I finally got around to making some Korean food. Since we started the P90X diet, I haven't been able to fit anything in but I had to have some soup and rice! So on a whim I made some miyukgook (seaweed soup), odeng bokkeum (fish cakes with onions), and gutjulee (fresh kimchi) with what I had on hand. It was awesome! A good mix of carbs, veggies, and protein.

Korean dinner

I also enjoyed a romantic bath with lovely rose-scented tea lights we picked up at IKEA last week. That + a wonderful smelling bubble bath = perfect.

tea lights

I also decided to try out a homemade cheese cracker recipe since I had some leftover cheddar cheese in the freezer. I halved it and made it in no time! They are definitely cheesy and crunchy and so easy to make.

Homemade Cheese Crackers
Homemade Cheese Crackers
Homemade Cheese Crackers
Homemade Cheese Crackers

They're not the prettiest things I've made for sure. I just did some wonky cutting with a pizza cutter after I rolled out the dough because I don't have mini cookie cutters. I will have to find some for next time... I'm thinking about trying out a Parmesan cheese version.

& finally, I got around to my little gardening kits! We planted parsley, oregano, chives, and green onion (instead of cilantro) and strawberries. I'm just praying something will grow, something, anything! If this doesn't work out, I'm not sure I can take on actual gardening outside.

Please grow!

Weekends are fun, but I like Mondays too. Probably because I don't have to go to school or work. :D

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Another day of filling in

1. Thing you cannot leave the house without?
Aquaphor ointment. I cannot live without this stuff, it's a serious thing.

2. Favorite brand of makeup?
I just use all kinds of drugstore makeup, usually just tinted moisturizer. I do love the Urban Decay eyeliners though!

3. Favorite flower?
I've always loved baby's breath but I really love chrysanthemums these days.

4. Favorite clothing store?
I don't have a favorite but I always stop by F21, AE, and Express these days.

5. Favorite perfume?
Guess, the silver one. I don't use perfume anymore though since it seems to tickle Tare's nose.

6. Heels or flats?
Flats. I wish I could bear heels but I usually choose comfort over height.

7. Do you make good grades?
Yes, I used to when I went to school.

8. Favorite colors?
Mint and red these days. Pops of colors for spring!

9. Do you drink energy drinks?
No. I don't like that stuff. I prefer sleep.

10. Do you drink juice?
Yes, but not often. I prefer tea.

11. Do you like swimming?
I like floating around on my back.

12. Do you eat fries with a fork?
LOL yes. At Red Robin's or other restaurants... but not fast food fries.

13. Favorite moisturizer?
Aveeno anything. Love that stuff!

14. Do you want to get married later on in life?
LOL OK I'm already married.

15. Do you get mad easily?
Not usually.

16. Are you into ghost hunting?
What? No.

17. Any phobias?
Any insect with wings, spiders, all insect-like creatures; dots arranged in a way that is creepy to me, especially 3-D ones; I also dislike seeing spaces between the floorboards in high places.

18. Do you bite your nails?
No. But I do like my nails short.

19. Have you ever had a near death experience?
Anything could have been a near death experience. But no, no injuries from accidents or anything.

20. Do you drink coffee?
Not really. Sometimes I get an iced coffee from Starbucks or I drink the Korean mocha coffee mix. It's all about the sugar. hehe.

You're it!! ♥ ♥

Friday, March 26, 2010

fill in the blank friday

1.  The best piece of advice I was ever given was and is from the Bible.

2.  If I had a million dollars to give to one charity I would give it to Samaritan's Purse.

3.  If I got to choose my "last meal" it would be a monstrous table of Korean food. Haemul tang (seafood stew), soft tofu stew, budeh jjigeh with udon noodles and rice cakes, galbi (short ribs), etc. Sigh, I salivate.

4.  My hair is very long, straight, and thin. I usually leave it down straight because it feels heavy when I tie it up. And I'm too lazy to curl it often.

5.  If at first you don't succeed figure out why you didn't and try again a different way.

6.  I have always been very cautious. It takes me time to respond (think before you say!) and I tend to try to figure things out by myself before asking someone else for help.

7.  Oh....and by the way.... I really want some pho.

Join in here!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Dinner Invites

Tare has been blessed with a great workplace with nice coworkers. There are actually quite a few young new hires and they all know each other and get together once in a while for dinner. Tare gets invited to these gatherings ("Oh, and bring your wife too!") and asks me if I want to go. When we first got here, I thought it would be good for him to get to know them better and for me to get out of the house and meet them too so I would say "Let's go." The first few experiences weren't horrible but they weren't really fun either. Now, you'd think that since they all work at the same company, they might have other things to talk about when they get together. But of course! It's just like school, you all go to the same place and might even be in all the same classes but you still end up talking about homework and teachers and other happenings at school after hours. So these are a group of engineers talking about all sorts of things I don't understand, nor do I want to understand, about their work. Therefore, I end up sitting around half-listening half-tuning out, which is not out of character for me since I tend to listen more than talk anyway, but it's just boring. I don't really understand why I have to be there when I can't be included in any conversation. I know they probably invite me because I'm the automatic "plus one" for Tare but once they do that it seems rude to decline and not show up with him. Either we go together or we stay home together. Or is there some other way this works out? Because I do want him to spend time with them if they invite him but I don't really want to go.

So today when Tare told me about being invited to dinner, my first reaction was "do you want to? ...I don't really want to." But then we didn't want to be rude or one of those people/couples you invite multiple times but always declines so we decided to go. Again, I cannot relate to anything being said and I'm just sitting around. Awkward for me since none of them actually makes an effort to directly acknowledge my presence. (I hate that. It seems to be the girls that are kinda weird. The guys are way nicer.) We end up waiting around for dinner which ends up being pretty nasty and very vegetarian. We leave after an hour and a half hungry (and me completely uninterested) straight to Jack-in-the-Box. I needed some freaking protein. Finished up with some Banana Creme Pie from Marie Callendars which really made me much happier.

I try to go into these things with a positive attitude, but it gets tiring once I'm there and feel the invisibleness again. I don't want my non-presence to affect how people think of Tare because usually he ends up choosing to stay with me but I don't enjoy these gatherings at all and I suffer through them. We pick and choose which ones to go to but man... I wish I could just do away with it all and stay home and watch House. (which we missed tonight btw. sad face.)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Photo Walk R - Neighborhood Sunset

I've been waiting for a chance to be able to walk around the neighborhood during sunset time and take some pictures and I finally got to yesterday! I tried a slightly different technique with macro shooting on my P&S and I think it looks great. :D

Photo Walk R
{Unfinished homes across the street}

Photo Walk R
{The "tree fence" I mentioned in my previous post, there's a mansion inside!}

Photo Walk R

Photo Walk R
{Small, but still a mountain range we see from our backyard}

Photo Walk R

Photo Walk R

Photo Walk R

Photo Walk R
{That's our house}

Photo Walk R

Photo Walk R

Photo Walk R

Photo Walk R

Photo Walk R

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Loveable Troublemaker

This is Aji. She is my two-year old girl shih tzu. We adopted her almost a year ago from Tare's friend.
She's been on two moves with us thus far.
This is how she is adjusting to the recent one.


This is what I saw when I walked into our laundry room after an outing with Tare.

I screamed.

She has been put in this crate every time we've gone out for the past year and she never barked when she knew we were leaving to go out. So why, why?! No, HOW?!

Monster Attack

If you have a dog or a crate, you would know this is pretty sturdy plastic, especially for a little dog such as Aji. I mean, yeah she is pretty strong when she wants to be, but who knew she would tear this apart so easily when she wanted?

I was a little angry. Actually, more shocked than angry. Then I checked her paws because I remembered reading Marley and Me and there was something about bloody paws from scratching the door during a rainstorm.

Poor Paw

Just as I suspected. Blood. I felt really sorry for her and my anger was almost dissipated instantly.
Then she ran around happily like nothing was wrong. My anger came back. I made her a temporary bandage after googling what to do with a cut on a paw.

Pirate dog

Then I laughed. Really hard, because she looked like a little pirate and was walking around funky.
But again, by the time we came back from dinner, she had taken the cloth bandage off. And probably licked off all the antibiotic ointment too.

I can't help myself, I love her but then I hate her. Then I love her again because I can't resist her little shih tzu moustache beard. And the way she wags her tail (her whole latter half of body) and tries to run lopsided towards me when I get home if I've been out. Or even in another room for a few minutes.
Her cut is all healed already. I guess her saliva does magic work.

This is what I get to pass by on my way out and on my way home.

Passing by

A huge yellow field of pretty. There are also mountains you can see when the sky is clear and a grove/fence of trees that is supposedly around a huge mansion of some sort if you look it up on Google maps on Satellite. It makes me happy.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Catching Up Monday

I don't know how other people do it, but I am so glad to be done eating fast food. Two whole weeks of fast food and/or restaurant fare every day... It was cool in the beginning: I can take a break from cooking, convenient, fast, gratifying, delicious. One week in I started to see the bad: no more cravings, too much fat, sodium, grease, whatever is in that fast food, somewhat bloated feeling (or just actual bloating in the mornings), almost even just tired of eating. It was like a chore to choose where to go and what to eat and it pained me to spend so much money on food that's not even good for me!

As of today, it's bye-bye fast food and hello homemade cooking. Our pantry, fridge, freezer are all stocked with foods following a meal plan. Which brings me to my March challenge.
I know, I'm two weeks late but better late than never! It's like a repeat of January, except much longer. I will be starting the Slim in 6 exercise program from Beachbody and Tare will be starting P90X. I'm starting out with a less intense program to see if it's too easy or if it's worth doing first and then moving onto P90X. I haven't exercised in a couple weeks, I am itching to get back into a normal routine again. (This makes me sound like some exercise buff which I'm totally not. I just like how I look and feel after I exercise, it's just satisfying.) We'll also be following the P90X meal plan; hopefully it works for both of us because it turned out to be a long (expensive) grocery list.

I've also been assigning myself a theme for each month to practice photography and this month the theme is "random." It really means "I didn't have time or creative energy to think about it so I'm going to take pictures of whatever I want and put them in one folder." :D Yeah!

new dining table rug
{new dining table rug from UO}

Unpacking is going fairly well, we've gotten all of the kitchen stuff unpacked and I love that there is so much space to put everything in! I also adore my gas stovetop and bigger sinks.
I haven't even started looking into the craft room stuff and I'm attempting to organize my clothes in our walk-in closet. It is weird and confusing because I no longer have a dresser so I don't know how I should be organizing the clothes. Should I get hangers for all of them? Is it worth it to do that for tshirts? Or should I leave them folded in stacks? It just looks crazy in there so I'm taking a break.

One thing I really want to start doing once we get settled is gardening. I have so many things I want to grow in my own backyard--veggies and fruits! I've been reading up on some tips for starting from online resources and books, but it's so confusing. I probably need the "dummies" book, which in fact I do have on hold at the library. While passing through Home Depot's gardening section, I found some starter kits that give you all the supplies to grow your own herbs and strawberries!

Grow kits

I'm so excited! I'm going to plant the seeds tonight. I've never really grown anything by myself so I'm not sure if my thumb is green or black. I hope it's green.
Does anyone have a garden or tips for beginners?

Friday, March 12, 2010

fill in the blank friday

(join in and link back to here)

1.  The best day ever was too difficult for me to choose. I'd say every date with Tare that went perfectly up until now including wedding day and vacations to pretty and cool destinations.

2.  My favorite meal of the day is dinner because it's fun to prepare while waiting for Tare to get home and there's more selection to choose from if we eat out.

3.  This weekend I am moving and cleaning and without internet.

4.  Never in my life have I dated any other person than my husband, smoked, gone clubbing, worn red shoes, done drugs, eaten or even smelled a durian, bungee-jumped, and very many other things. This all seems very random.

5.  The only thing better than normal Korean food is Korean food made by my grandmother. I miss it a lot! Nothing I make is exactly the same, and I don't think it ever will be. Can't wait until she comes in May!

6.  I could really do with some breakfast. I don't know why I'm so hungry at 6am, I think I'll just go back to sleep.

7.  The most recent thing I bought myself was this skirt. I wish there were more dresses and skirts in store because I am so ready for spring and bare legs!

Enjoy your weekend! like this panda bear

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Don't you just wanna twirl?

I'm on the lookout for pretty dresses and skirts for spring. Last weekend, this is all I could find but it's a very lovely find.

i feel pretty

i feel pretty

It just makes me want to twirl and spin and float across the ground! It's one of those skirts.

I also want to show off my giveaway prize. It's a hankie apron made by Disney of Ruffles and Stuff.

giveaway prize

I don't think I could bear to do any work in this apron though. It's too light and pretty and twirl-able too.

I love the light in our house, I love the huge wall that faces the windows in the living room. I plan on making very good use of it as a backdrop for future photographs.
We've moved all of our boxes into the new house and tomorrow is the big move. I. can't. wait!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Welcome Home!

Lookie what I have here!

{fun frame! I just watched The Princess and the Frog.}

I was driving around all morning picking up the keys (finally!), getting the closing documents, stopping by the post office for the mail keys, and the bank to change our address!

I received some housewarming presents from the sales office and our real estate agent. They are full of goodies! The basket seems to be a tropical or Asian theme with ginger spice cake, ginger candy, different teas, and cute glasses and plates.

Mojito mint and lime infused green tea. Sounds awesome! I love mojito, I love green tea, I think I will love this tea.

Thank you for your prayers regarding our house buying process. It didn't go exactly as planned time-wise but we are so grateful to have found a house we love and have had wonderful people to help us along the way. Having a home of our own has been my biggest dream for this year and I can't believe it happened so quickly! I can't wait to get in there and start moving in, decorating, and doing things only homeowners do! (like sealing grout! tonight! I'm so excited!)