Monday, March 15, 2010

Catching Up Monday

I don't know how other people do it, but I am so glad to be done eating fast food. Two whole weeks of fast food and/or restaurant fare every day... It was cool in the beginning: I can take a break from cooking, convenient, fast, gratifying, delicious. One week in I started to see the bad: no more cravings, too much fat, sodium, grease, whatever is in that fast food, somewhat bloated feeling (or just actual bloating in the mornings), almost even just tired of eating. It was like a chore to choose where to go and what to eat and it pained me to spend so much money on food that's not even good for me!

As of today, it's bye-bye fast food and hello homemade cooking. Our pantry, fridge, freezer are all stocked with foods following a meal plan. Which brings me to my March challenge.
I know, I'm two weeks late but better late than never! It's like a repeat of January, except much longer. I will be starting the Slim in 6 exercise program from Beachbody and Tare will be starting P90X. I'm starting out with a less intense program to see if it's too easy or if it's worth doing first and then moving onto P90X. I haven't exercised in a couple weeks, I am itching to get back into a normal routine again. (This makes me sound like some exercise buff which I'm totally not. I just like how I look and feel after I exercise, it's just satisfying.) We'll also be following the P90X meal plan; hopefully it works for both of us because it turned out to be a long (expensive) grocery list.

I've also been assigning myself a theme for each month to practice photography and this month the theme is "random." It really means "I didn't have time or creative energy to think about it so I'm going to take pictures of whatever I want and put them in one folder." :D Yeah!

new dining table rug
{new dining table rug from UO}

Unpacking is going fairly well, we've gotten all of the kitchen stuff unpacked and I love that there is so much space to put everything in! I also adore my gas stovetop and bigger sinks.
I haven't even started looking into the craft room stuff and I'm attempting to organize my clothes in our walk-in closet. It is weird and confusing because I no longer have a dresser so I don't know how I should be organizing the clothes. Should I get hangers for all of them? Is it worth it to do that for tshirts? Or should I leave them folded in stacks? It just looks crazy in there so I'm taking a break.

One thing I really want to start doing once we get settled is gardening. I have so many things I want to grow in my own backyard--veggies and fruits! I've been reading up on some tips for starting from online resources and books, but it's so confusing. I probably need the "dummies" book, which in fact I do have on hold at the library. While passing through Home Depot's gardening section, I found some starter kits that give you all the supplies to grow your own herbs and strawberries!

Grow kits

I'm so excited! I'm going to plant the seeds tonight. I've never really grown anything by myself so I'm not sure if my thumb is green or black. I hope it's green.
Does anyone have a garden or tips for beginners?


missy pig said...

growing your own food seems so hard but wish u the best on it!! :D because theres nothing better than eating food that you are assured of

jozen said...

i want to start gardening too!

let me know if you find a great resource book for beginners.

monica said...

you are too cute for words.

i love every single one of your posts i have read so far!

so happy, i stumbled upon you.


Anonymous said...

I started gardening last year. For fruits and vegetables, you can buy the starter plants at Fred meyer, home depot, etc. I buy small/medium plastic flower pots and transfer the plants into the pots once I bring them home. Put a mixture of (2 parts potting soil, 1 part coarse sand, and
1 part peat moss or leaf mold)which you can get at home depot too. You can start out by growing the plants in your house or in the pots in your backyard. Then, after a few weeks, after the plants have grown a bit, take the plants out of the pot and transfer it into the ground. Also, when I first started my garden last yeat, my grandma told me to grow seeds in litte tray pots -like this--> --- wait until the plant sprouts and grows bigger, and then transferr them into the garden. Sory for the long post...Hope this helps

Good sites


--> (potting mixture recipe)