Thursday, March 4, 2010

Gummy Bears rock, gnome sane??

I came upon this awesome "candelier" that is made out of gummy bears. Don't worry, they are acrylic! (Actually that makes me a little sad.)

I love gummy bears. That is a fact. Actually, I love all gummy candy, you just can't go wrong with Haribo anything. I leave out my gummy candy so it can get some air and get chewier, because fresh gummies are just not real gummies. Standards of chewiness must be met.

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j. said...

hi hana! i love this post about gummy bears! they are too cute & it's making me want to go buy some!

thanks for your sweet comment! i'm glad you stopped by!

i haven't liked old navy's jeans at all in the past, but this pair really fit me well. the style is "flirty" (i think) in dark wash. good luck & let me know if you find any!

missy pig said...

LOL wow I can really tell your love for gummy candies

and that chandelier is one crazy invention i want one in my house

(this is joggingpigs :D)

mlksp said...

i love gummy bears too! "i'm so happy that i'm a gummy bear gummy bear!! AHHHH lskdjfowieouroilskdjflk2u!?#$*OU@##$&U**@(#"&$8. Mm! I taste DELICIOUS"