Thursday, March 18, 2010

Loveable Troublemaker

This is Aji. She is my two-year old girl shih tzu. We adopted her almost a year ago from Tare's friend.
She's been on two moves with us thus far.
This is how she is adjusting to the recent one.


This is what I saw when I walked into our laundry room after an outing with Tare.

I screamed.

She has been put in this crate every time we've gone out for the past year and she never barked when she knew we were leaving to go out. So why, why?! No, HOW?!

Monster Attack

If you have a dog or a crate, you would know this is pretty sturdy plastic, especially for a little dog such as Aji. I mean, yeah she is pretty strong when she wants to be, but who knew she would tear this apart so easily when she wanted?

I was a little angry. Actually, more shocked than angry. Then I checked her paws because I remembered reading Marley and Me and there was something about bloody paws from scratching the door during a rainstorm.

Poor Paw

Just as I suspected. Blood. I felt really sorry for her and my anger was almost dissipated instantly.
Then she ran around happily like nothing was wrong. My anger came back. I made her a temporary bandage after googling what to do with a cut on a paw.

Pirate dog

Then I laughed. Really hard, because she looked like a little pirate and was walking around funky.
But again, by the time we came back from dinner, she had taken the cloth bandage off. And probably licked off all the antibiotic ointment too.

I can't help myself, I love her but then I hate her. Then I love her again because I can't resist her little shih tzu moustache beard. And the way she wags her tail (her whole latter half of body) and tries to run lopsided towards me when I get home if I've been out. Or even in another room for a few minutes.
Her cut is all healed already. I guess her saliva does magic work.

This is what I get to pass by on my way out and on my way home.

Passing by

A huge yellow field of pretty. There are also mountains you can see when the sky is clear and a grove/fence of trees that is supposedly around a huge mansion of some sort if you look it up on Google maps on Satellite. It makes me happy.


missy pig said...

haha ur dog is adorableee <3 i'm glad she's all better maybe shes not adjusting to the new environment?

my friend's dog almost ate her pens and pecils when she wasn't home. thx god she didn't swallow any of it.

LINDSAY said...

aw! poor pup. she's probably just a little stressed and will snap out of it as she adjusts.

marta said...

thanks for your thoughtful comment on my blog! i wanted to let you know i updated my website to am excited to browse your pretty space. happy weekend. xo.

sharonlei said...

You Pup is such a cutie!!! Melts my heart... we have an almost two year old Maltipoo name Pooma.. she's the best!!

xx Love & Aloha