Monday, March 8, 2010

Welcome Home!

Lookie what I have here!

{fun frame! I just watched The Princess and the Frog.}

I was driving around all morning picking up the keys (finally!), getting the closing documents, stopping by the post office for the mail keys, and the bank to change our address!

I received some housewarming presents from the sales office and our real estate agent. They are full of goodies! The basket seems to be a tropical or Asian theme with ginger spice cake, ginger candy, different teas, and cute glasses and plates.

Mojito mint and lime infused green tea. Sounds awesome! I love mojito, I love green tea, I think I will love this tea.

Thank you for your prayers regarding our house buying process. It didn't go exactly as planned time-wise but we are so grateful to have found a house we love and have had wonderful people to help us along the way. Having a home of our own has been my biggest dream for this year and I can't believe it happened so quickly! I can't wait to get in there and start moving in, decorating, and doing things only homeowners do! (like sealing grout! tonight! I'm so excited!)


mlksp said...

wow. they actually give you housewarming presents there? cool!!!! :D so when will you begin moving?

missy pig said...

so nice of them to give u housewarming presents :O

jozen said...

how exciting!!

i can still remember when hubby and i purchased our first place :)

great blog...

j. said...

haha i LOVE that you are excited to do the grout! i hate doing stuff like that, but it might be because my husband and i have flipped 5 houses since we've been married and i've done enough constructiony type stuff from that to last me a lifetime!!

the housewarming presents are too cute!