Monday, April 26, 2010

by hand.

Saw this at yum yum ramblings.

1) your name/blog name.
2) right-handed, left-handed, or ambidextrous?
3) favorite letters to write.
4) least favorite letters to write.
5) write "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."
6) write the following words in capital letters: CRAB, HUMOR, KALEIDOSCOPE, PAJAMAS, GAZILLION.
7) write your favorite song lyric. (I wrote a quote I like.)
8) any special note or picture.

I used to have the best handwriting when I was younger. I was known for it and kids used to ask me to forge bus notes in cursive so it looked like their parents wrote it. I won the Hancock contest where we tried to copy his signature and the person with the closest attempt won a poster of the Declaration of Independence. I didn't know left handed people were known to have bad handwriting until people told me I was "pretty good for a leftie."

But this skill has faded. I no longer have uniform letters, I write faster than slower so it isn't as pretty, and I mix cursive and print. My writing is still small. (I hated writing on wide rule paper, I always went for college ruled even in elementary school.)

I like to write things by hand though. Lists, letters, cards, notes are not the same when typed. It's just a good feeling to read real writing that's done by hand.


missy pig said...

yay left handed! yea i didn't get why left handed ppl were considered to have bad writing....bc i like my handwriting :X
well we're considered to be creative people ^^

so colorful u decorated it so purttyy!

jozen said...

yay lefties! (my sis is a leftie). my hand writing has suffered through the years as well.. sigh.

Sandy a la Mode said...

this is such a beautiful piece of art you made!! oh boy... my handwriting SUCKS, it's worse than a 2nd graders and it looks like a boys writing!! i'm on my computer too much to even improve it! the last time i really handwrote anything was our wedding thank you cards which was a year ago!!