Wednesday, April 7, 2010



My new phone actually has a place for me to put some charms on. Had to order some from Strapya!


This is Tare's Domo. So cute! It has a screen cleaner on the back.



Know what this is?


It's an ecohime!
Random fact about me: I don't like using the bathroom in public places or other people's homes. I feel uncomfortable.
So I got myself an ecohime, which is used in Japan by women who are also uncomfortable using public restrooms to cover up sounds by playing water sound effects. It is like the sound of water flushing.
Isn't that silly and genius at the same time?! It's very cute and seems functional to me so I'll be carrying it around when I'm out and about. :D


J. said...

That is brilliant!
I'm the same way. maybe i'll have to get me an ecohime!

marta said...

hello hana! congrats, you're a lucky winner on my blog. please email me direct with your shipping info. enjoy your mini diary! xo. m

missy pig said...

an ecohime is such an interesting object.
urs is cute! so is the little domo :)

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Love that hello kitty charms!

jozen said...

LOVE the hello kitty bow and i hate going to the washroom in public places as well.