Thursday, April 22, 2010

happy weekend

backyard mountains
{seen early morning from my backyard; the mountains have never been this clear}

I felt very content with myself today. Tried out a new hairstyle and had some more photo fun. :D



Hope you have a delightful weekend! I'm off to Pismo Beach this weekend. I wish it was warmer than 65 but the ocean is beautiful in any weather so it will be great, I know it.


Starry said...

That looks really sweet, is it two plaits or a french braid? I tried french braiding my hair once but it's too hard at the back!

Sandy a la Mode said...

your backyard view is BEAUTIFUL!! soo jealous!!! and i just LOVE LOVE LOVE this last heart picture of you, sooo cute!! how long did it take to do your hair?? so fancy! =) have a great weekend hun!

emma said...

such cute hair!!!!

hana said...

thank you! it is actually just 2 regular braids pinned up and it only takes 5-10 min depending on how many pins you need to hold your braid up.

jozen said...

LOVE IT! wish i could do my hair like that!