Thursday, April 8, 2010

How to play alone

Tare and Aji are conked out on the couch after dinner. I am bored. I pick up my camera and decide to practice. I end up taking a bajillion pictures of myself which is so easy with the swivel LCD screen. (lovesit!)
I upload the pictures onto my computer. I browse through and delete 98% of them. (Curse my non-photogenic-ness.) I randomly end up on puricute to "cute"-ify myself.

What do you think? Pretty kawaii, no? ...yeah, no.
I might use the ice cream one as my new profile picture though. It makes me laugh. I should do it again with an "ice cream" face so it matches more.



mlksp said...

puhaha. i have an idea. practice by taking pictures of your house!!! i want to see it.

hana said...

it is not yet complete. it is too soon...

Axel said...

Ahahaha.. Nice shots!