Monday, April 12, 2010


Mondays are very much "off-days" for me. After the weekend, I just want to sleep in and roll around my bed doing nothing. That is exactly what I've been doing all day and I can't believe it's 3pm.
In my defense, I do get busier and get stuff done when Tare is home because I prepare dinner and do chores and work out. Anyway.

I haven't been keeping up with crafting because I've been immersed in photography and other things that seem to snap up the time. However, I did finally get around to making something at the end of last week!

handmade necklace
handmade necklace
handmade necklace

I followed a tutorial to make a J.Crew inspired necklace and I love how it looks! I had bought a kit that was offered for this tutorial for only $3 and had some leftover pearls and pins after I was done. I used ribbon from my stash that looks perfect as little bows with its white lining. It was my first time working with eye pins and it was so easy to do, I'm so glad I made this.

Oh, and because today is lazy Monday and I need to include this picture somewhere, this is what we're having for dinner again.
Lemon Chicken
{Lemon chicken, recipe from P90X nutrition guide; straight out of the camera}


Anonymous said...

Very beautiful blog. I like the pictures a lot.


Anonymous said...

i love love love that necklace!!!!! especially the little bows on it too! will you make me one?? =)

hana said...

Thank you!

You should try making it Sandy, it's fun and so easy!