Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Yesterday I received the packages I've been waiting for! The first is a set of masking tapes from Japan.

masking tape
masking tape
Is that package not the cutest thing ever? Look at the stamps! Why don't we have stamps like that here in the US? People in Asian countries have the cutest English handwriting too, so loopy and uniform.

through circle and lens

I also received my tripod as well as new study bible and dust blower. But the tripod was put to good use right away! Although I wish there was some manual with it, I was a little confused what tightens what and what unlocks what, etc. I still don't think I understand how it works to its full extent. I got a Dolica Proline tripod.
Tare and I spent a good hour dancing in the dark once we got it set up. :D We have some where Tare looks like a ghost but he was not properly dressed so I cannot share. It's pretty funny looking though, you're all missing out.

light drawings
light drawings
light drawings

Lack of creativity right there. But I had to do the cliche heart and name writing because I'm a noob. I still don't know if my settings were completely correct. Does exposure matter if you're in the dark? Should it be high so the light shows up better?

It was fun. I need to find a fountain or waterfall now.

6 comments: said...

oh my word... I actually found a blog with more picture posts than my own :O I was supposed to be writing a cover letter and all I did was go through your pages. You are indeed lucky to live a life surrounded by love~ Well I just wanted to leave a note. Take care now.

electricfingerprints said...

I just found your blog and I love it!
I have no idea how you do those light picture things but they look super cool!

-- Maya

missy pig said...

i love playing with light in the dark!
and thats such a cute mailer, are those special masking tapes?

hana said...

they're washi paper masking tape. thinner material and much prettier than the average masking tape in the US!

ILikePaperCutting said...

are you going to do some craft with this washi paper masking tape? I couldn't get any in my country - Malaysia.

jozen said...

ooohhoohh!i bought some happy tape a few weeks ago and i have been going happy tape crazy!!