Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Wait is Over (Almost)

I have waited 4 months to make this purchase!

It really was desire at first sight. I first came across it on a blog, I had to look further into it and fell irrevocably in love with its features and cool blue exterior. For a moment, the red almost made its way into my heart, but I stayed true. Blue, you are finally mine! It hurts that I have to wait a week for you to arrive, but love is patient so I will wait. I have plans to take you everywhere! Even if it's a one minute walk to check the mail. Tare says we will take a trip up to Pismo Beach so we can get closer. You don't know how happy I am! <3

I also bought a lovely bag for Blue.

I hope you don't clash too much in person, but I had to get a cute enough bag to match! I saw this bag in black just now but unfortunately, this is the USA and not the UK. That's why it has to be red, white, and blue. :D

I am so excited to upgrade and learn more about photography with this new camera! Photography is currently overshadowing any crafting, but I can't help it I'm so taken by it. I hope I improve because this might turn out to be a permanent hobby of mine.

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