Sunday, May 16, 2010


Last night Tare and I were working out and we hear BOOM BOOM BOOM.

We look out the window to see what's going on and we see fireworks. In the middle of May.


Remember the mansion I mentioned that's behind our house surrounded by a fence of trees?

Tare remembered a coworker saying they were invited to a private event there last night. They were partying it up with fireworks and loud music! We heard the boom boom for a while.

It was a great free (random) show for us though. I hope they do it again for the 4th of July! Then we can sit on our patio, eat some dinner, relax, and see fireworks without leaving our house this year. :D

fireworks in May

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Sandy a la Mode said...

oh wow, i love how it looks like you have animation on your page, soo cute! wow, that's a NICE house!