Wednesday, May 26, 2010

San Francisco Trip Part 3

Bridge to SF

San Francisco

New People
{New People in Japantown}

Stare at the sun
{A cool store with different levels with eats, fashion, goods, arts}

New People

New People

New People

{sou-sou shoes}

mochi love
{Goodies from the mochi store, photo taken by Tare}

Kensington Park Hotel
{Kensington Park Hotel near Union Square}

SF <3

We spent most of our first night in San Francisco in Japantown. There were so many stores with cute stuff, it took a while to look at everything. I finally got to have Japanese ramen again and we also ate okonomiyaki pizza which was a delightful twist on the original. But the best part about being in Japantown was coming across a Pika Pika store. Ya know what purikura is? Sticker picture booths! It was so much fun I think we spent over an hour in there with only two booths and the decorating. An interesting discovery was that Tare is very skilled at decorating! He is much better than me. :D

pika pika

pika pika

It's always fun to go back through the pictures from a trip and organize, edit, and share.
I will be doing that for many days after my family leaves! I'm having a great time with them here. I miss them already thinking that they'll be leaving soon.

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Missy M said...

wow such fab photos. Thanks for sharing x I’ve just come across your blog and I love it! Will be stopping by from now on x

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