Thursday, June 3, 2010

May theme: Family

As I've mentioned before, my family stayed for a week with me and Tare. I had been waiting for that week to come and when it came, it went by so quickly. I remember sharing that I would be missing last week's community group meeting because of family being in town and one person asked "So are you louder when you're around your sister?" The answer to that is yes (maybe too much) and Tare will attest to that.

Every day was full of laughter, fun, and food. As I predicted, I was never in the kitchen for all nine of the days my grandma was here. I was just called to the table during meal time and I sat down and ate. Like the old days. My sister went shopping in my closet for winter jackets I no longer wear. My dad talked to Aji like she was his long-lost youngest daughter. My grandfather took Aji on long, long walks who-knows-where and played with her every day. My mom bought me some kitchen items I needed but didn't know like the rice spoon that doesn't get rice stuck to it. My grandma made me like five types of kimchi and two huge containers of homemade shikhye which can't be reproduced by any sold in stores. Tare put up with all the driving and spur-of-the-moment decisions to go somewhere like he always does and was also spoiled by my family. I pretty much sat around and soaked all this in, oh except when I was trying to take sneaky pictures of everyone so I could hold onto the memories forever. We all also played godori (gostop) for a whole day minus breakfast, lunch, and dinner one day. Tare and I took Boradari to Disneyland for her birthday. We danced with cousins and aunties at my cousin's wedding. Eventually the week ended with a small birthday cake and song after church.

So I think I took like a million pictures of my family. I narrowed it down to something like 14 photos.

It was awesome and pretty much one of the best weeks ever. I miss them a lot.

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