Tuesday, June 8, 2010

So, funny story...

I go to Petco to pick up some Greenies for Aji. I pick out a huge tub which is on sale for $31.99 from $39.99. I also have a $5 off coupon.
I pay $29.88.
I walk to my car. That number seems wrong for some reason so I go back to talk about it. It is a different employee.
I say the sales price says $31.99 but the receipt says $34.99. Could you please fix that?
She says the price is not ringing up correctly so she inputs it manually, reapplies the coupon, and gives me back a refund in cash. The total is $22.07.
She hands me $22.07 in cash, says thank you have a good day. I walk out the door confused because it all happened so fast.
I get into my car and realize I just bought a 27 oz tub of Greenies for only $7.81. That is freaking amazing. What good luck on my part!

Well, funnier story...
I come home to write up this blog entry. I take a closer look at the receipts.
The transaction was in fact (somewhat) correct the first time around. For an odd reason the $8 from the store was applied after the tax and therefore I was confused.
This means not only did I luckily receive money back for this purchase but I had unintentionally scammed the lady into giving me a refund in the first place.

uh, my bad.

Now, I hope you don't view me as a scheming scam artist because it was really unintentional and I didn't make the lady do some really, really bad math. (HAHA) I didn't say anything because I was just confused by it all until I came home and really took a look at the receipts.
No, I don't plan on going back and giving the money back.
However, I was listening to KLOVE on the way home and heard about the Blood:water Mission and came home to donate towards that cause. :D See, it all flows in and out in a natural way.
Blood:water Mission aims to provide clean water by building wells for the people of Africa. If you're interested in donating, please visit KLOVE.com.


Sandy a la Mode said...

oh wow, lots of math going on there! it's kind of cool when stuff happens like that hehe!

WonChan said...