Saturday, June 12, 2010

Summer Cuts

I don't cut my hair very often. I'm so used to having it long and straight that I usually go in for a trim once a year when I can't stand the split ends any longer. Usually it's a sudden impulse followed by impatience to get it cut as soon as I can, but this time I had to wait it out and wasn't quite sure what I wanted until I sat in the salon chair.

summer cuts

I think I cut almost 12" off. I thought it would be awkward but I'm really in love with this cut and will probably keep it short for a while! It's refreshing and I feel like I look a tad bit older. (just a tad.)

And it's not just me!

summer cuts

Aji finally got her summer cut too! I always fall in love with her again when she has shorter hair. I really think it's being able to see her eyes. When her bangs grow out and cover her eyes, she just turns into a sneaky dog.

And finally, my cute husband who was obsessed with the idea of having red hair for a few weeks. After his haircut yesterday we went out to pick out an at-home hair dyeing kit.

summer cuts

I have to say, I am pleasantly surprised with the results. I think this is just right, just enough red in the light but still dark and natural. (Good thing I didn't let him pick out the lighter one!)

summer cuts

I think they like each other's results.

So far today, we've:
-stopped by the new farmers' market to pick up some white nectarines and peaches (oh delish!)
-devoured a nutella strawberry crepe for breakfast
-browsed the library for new reads for me and Tare
-been watching downloaded Korea vs. Greece World Cup game (Korea is on fiyah!)

I can't wait to finish up Avatar: The Last Airbender Season 3 tonight and cook up some yaki udon with chicken for dinner! <3

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missy pig said...

whole family got a haircut! how cute! :)