Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Day

These days I wake up early in the morning and the first thing I do is take Aji out on a walk. The weather is beautiful in the early morning, around 6:30am, and the skies are breathtaking.

Early Morning

Early Morning

Early Morning

Early Morning

Anyone know what these are? We bought a bunch of them to plant in the front and they're so pretty! I love how they're not typical petal flowers and they're so colorful.

What I do while I'm home alone these days... it's a secret for now.

When Tare comes home, I have dinner ready and we enjoy either some tv shows or a book or doing silly things to our dog.

Too Cool
LOL this was so hilarious. Too cool for words.

New toy
Life is so good! I love my little family. ♥


Cat Song said...

those clouds are crazy

audrey said...

i am IN LOVE with your blog/blogging style/pictures. i just spent 45 minutes rewinding through your archives, hoping to get more than glimpse of this beautiful place ^^ you're so amazing!!!

Sandy a la Mode said...

wow, those clouds are sooo cool!! you do have a beautiful family!

Jamie Alison said...

such lovely lovely photos.
The flower is pretty, now I'm curious to find out what it is.

Steph said...

There is a quality in the July sky that I find breathtaking too, especially in the couple of hours before dusk when it makes everything look a little more golden. Gorgeous pics!