Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pancake baby & Creativity Boot Camp: Day 12

Lumix 20mm/F1.7
so cute and small<3

Lumix 20mm/F1.7

Lumix 20mm/F1.7
Lumix 20mm/F1.7

It's love and raspberry lemonade.

fruit haul
fruit haul from farmer's market!<3 love those baby asian pears.


I realize this is all sorts of random but it's been a while. :D


Sandy a la Mode said...

i LOVE this random post!! your new lens looks like it takes some great pics!!

Jihee said...

yay you updated!! i'm so jealous of all your fruit, they look so good! So what is your new lens' specialty?

Starry said...

It's not random it's yummy. Nom nom nom! n___n

hana said...

@Jihee - The pancake lens is very small so it makes my camera even more compact. It also has a huge aperture (1.7) which makes me swoon because it makes lovely bokeh. I'll have to play around with it more but I think it will be great for all types of picture-taking.