Monday, July 5, 2010

Seattle - the Market

Our hotel was a few blocks from Pike Place Market. We spent most of our trip there because we didn't want to get a rental car and there was so much there to see.

pike place market
The famous sign.

fish market
fish market
The famous fish-throwing which I barely caught on camera! There were so many people there with cameras and I didn't want to push my way up front, it was crazy!

fruits & veggies stall
flowers galore
Beautiful flowers, rows and rows of them everywhere! And they were so cheap too, I wish I could have brought some home.

the view from PPM

original starbucks
The original Starbucks.

Saffron Spice
Indian food for lunch, yum!

singing accordion grandma
A grandma with pigtails singing with an accordion
pike place market

Le Panier
Le Panier, where the coffee macarons rock my world.
I might know some people who need to go here.
Mesmerizing magician

pike place market

Seattle reminded me of San Francisco.
These were some really steep sidewalks.

maximus minimus
Maximus Minimus pig truck!

Singapore Style Dungeness Crab
7 flavor beef & seafood noodles
Dinner at Wild Ginger because I wanted whole crab and this was the only place that had it. The crab was not very meaty :(

rubber duckie
I have some steamy photos from this bath (literally, the water was so hot!) but I'll end with rubber duckie. :D

I hope I can visit Seattle again in the future~ someone needs to move out there so I can visit!


Sandy a la Mode said...

awww i went to a lot of the same places the first time i visited seattle... and the second and third haha! i wish i had some macaroons though, next time, i'll be there in august for a friend's wedding!

Jenny said...

what a super cute blog you have! i've wanted to visit seattle ever since i started watching grey's anatomy! LOL i love the show and they always show these cityline views of the city and it looks amazing!! :)

qhfk said...

don't worry. i will. muahah.