Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weekend Art Project

For the longest time our living room has been looking very empty. The ceilings are very high and the wall space is so large. We've been looking for an art piece or something to hang above our TV but everything was either just not it or too expensive.

But look what I found! TUTORIAL. It's like it was meant for us, our living room, our house! We headed to Michaels right away with 15% off total purchase in hand and gathered all of our supplies for this project for about $50. Let me repeat that. Fifty dollars for a 32x48" stretched canvas, paintbrushes, 2 tubes of red paint, and 1 tube of gray paint. (We bought a lot of extra paint but that's all we used with some left over!) The hardest part was finding 1/4" masking/painters tape, no one carries it! We almost decided to go with the 3/4" we found but I had some Japanese washi tape that was 1/4" and it worked out perfectly. No bleeds and it came off easy. Now, I didn't want to make this some sort of creativity project because this is my first time painting in a long time, so I copied the project exactly. The lines are a bit skewed because of size difference and the colors are a little different but we made it so it would look exactly the same as the original project that was shared. We loved the original, so why should we come up with our own?

This project only took about an hour to tape the lines and paint and couple hours to dry and remove the tape. Simple and beautiful, my two favorite things together.

Weekend Art Project

Weekend Art Project

We love seeing it up on our wall and I find myself just staring at it sometimes because it's nice to look at. :)

If you have a huge space on your wall, I highly recommend painting something on a large canvas yourself! Keep it simple with some lines and only a few colors and it'll probably look great and professional but cheap and fun. (I can't wait to paint some more stuff!)


missy pig said...

whenever i paint, i have the most fun using the tape :D

besides it being cheaper than buying a painting, it's also something that you both created!

Civilized Engineer said...

Your painting looks great! One question- Where did you find the Japanese tape? At Michael's? Or did you find a different craft store?

hana said...

Thank you :)
I bought it online, I'm afraid it's not sold at Michaels or other hobby stores at this time.
This is where I bought it from, but there are many stores on etsy that sell varieties of it, so look around! http://www.etsy.com/shop/washimatta

Anonymous said...

Wow, this looks great! It's nice to make wall art, because you can customize the style and colors to fit your space.

Noni said...

Love it.....what kinda (brand ) of paint did you use? i went to Michaels but there is way to many acrylic paints. i have never painted before is going to be my first paint job. Please help...

hana.k said...

Do you have a step by step tutorial for non-Artists?

hana.k said...

Can you give more detail on how you did this for the non-artists? My girlfriends and I can't figure it out from the minimal text.