Friday, August 27, 2010

fill in the blank Friday

{birthday candle necklace from anthropologie}

1.  The most adventurous thing I've ever done is bury a time capsule with friends on school property at night.

2.  If I were a pair of shoes I  would be comfortable black flats with a kitten heel. or does that mean it's not a flat anymore?

3.  My preferred mode of digital communication is email or texting. It's so much easier for me when I have time to think about how I want to reply.

4.  I feel happiest when Tare tells me I am beautiful at random times throughout the day every single day.

5.  A little dream I have for my life is to grow old with Tare and travel wherever and whenever we'd like.

6.  The one modern convenience I could NOT do without is currently the dishwasher. I'm usually a handwasher but I've let that go for a few months now.

7.  Music, movies, TV or books:  if I could only choose one to enjoy I would pick books (then music, TV, and movies).

Join in here.

I've been having very good luck this year. I had never won anything by chance for 21 years of my life but I must have slowly been collecting luck all of that time. (Or Tare's luck completely rubbed off on me, he is a very lucky duck but now it's me!) I've been winning giveaways but the prizes weren't ever too expensive or special... until now! This week I won VIP after party tickets to SMTOWN Live Concert 2010 in LA and then because the original winner gave them up I was also given VIP concert tickets as well! I am very excited because I wanted to go but we are in money saving mode so I passed but now we can go and it's extra special. What an awesome birthday gift :) The concert is next weekend so I have time to think about what I should wear. Any suggestions what to wear to an after party? I've never been and I don't fit into most of my pretty clothes anymore LOL. ohnoes.

I'm also excited for this weekend because I'm moving up in numbers (#23!). Tare said he will take me for sushi (although no raw stuff, sad face) after our meeting with a potential midwife on Sunday. Also, it's our last Sunday working with the babies which is a little sad but I didn't think I could commit to another year when I'll be so round. I will miss their sweet baby hugs. We'll be taking a break taking some classes instead.

What are your plans for the weekend?


janaetime said...

Burying a time capsule on school property sounds SO fun! It's like something from a teenage tv show. I'm jealous I never did it!

Ricky said...

oh wow, you actually won it? congrats! I'll be there, just not at the cool afterparty with 소녀시대 :(

#3 me tooooooooooooo

missy pig said...

Congratulations on the tickets! wow you sure are lucky!

That is a cute candle necklace, but I can't seem to find the chain?

hana said...

The "chain" is tied in a bow, it's shown in the second picture. It has clasps.