Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Beach

After lunch with Tare's grandma in LA yesterday, we decided to head to Malibu since we've never been. We stopped at Westward Beach to sit on a blanket and soak in some sun. It was beautiful with cool breezes.

We stopped by a small chocolate and gelato place called Tifa before we headed home. I got honey & lavender gelato and Tare got something with a fancy Italian name that means vanilla with dark chocolate swirls. Both were delicious and the wafer(?) was amazing! I don't know how they get all those layers to be so delicate. We also picked up some goodies like toffee, drinking chocolate, and gummy pandas.

I want to share some more photos taken with the iPod Touch 4G. Some Hipstamatic fun:

{Afternoon yard time}

{Full moon a few nights ago}

Pretty decent for a less than 1mp camera right? Although I wouldn't look at them any bigger than 300x400.

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