Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Etsy Maternity Collection

1. Kss Maternity Love tee
2. JellybeanApparel's Sunglasses Maternity tee
3. Xenotee's Animal Group Nouns Maternity tee
4. JemmaJewel's Favorite V-Neck Top
5. Discobelly's Hello Baby (boy) Maternity tee
6. Thaitee's Wide Leg Yoga Pants
7. Painting Elephant's Heart Me Handpainted Dark Blue Skirt
8. Rschone's Rosalyn Maternity Dress
9. MuthaCrafter's I'm So Crafty I Make People Maternity tee

Over the past few days it seems my belly has really popped out and I think I need to start looking at some actual maternity clothes. I've gathered my favorites from etsy here.

As you can see from my selections, I'm not really into those obvious maternity t-shirts with funny sayings but I think the sunglasses are cute and the last t-shirt was just funny to me.
no.6 looks amazingly comfortable and I love how it looks a little flirty with the cream "edging".
I adore no.7 although it's not described as a maternity skirt, I feel like I'd be able to squeeze my bump in there and still look so cute.
no.8 would be perfect for my husband's annual company holiday party coming up in a few months.

Time to go maternity shopping!


Sobre mim... said...

The paintings of pregnant seventh etsy are beautiful and calm!

missy pig said...

this is an answer to your ice cream question
i love egg tart flavor, but i think they only have it certain days of the week..or limited amounts