Tuesday, September 14, 2010

iPod Touch 4G for ME

{credit: Apple Store}

I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my 4G iPod Touch. I was forced to buy it by Tare after an embarrassing moment which I cannot share because it makes me cringe. Let's just say I now have way too much money to spend on apps. *cringe*

As I wait, I've been searching for apps! Here are the top 7 apps that I look forward to using:

no.1 Hipstamatic - I've heard about this app everywhere I look, looks fun to take pictures with.

no. 2 Home Routines - I need this to remember when to wash the sheets and do house cleaning. It'll be good to keep me on track for what I need to get done each day.

no. 3 How to Cook Everything - Better than getting the book. :D

no. 4 Karaoke Star - Awesome, it's like a portable NRB! I'm going to record Tare and myself rocking out in the car.

no. 5 Human Japanese - I've always been interested in learning Japanese but I never get past hiragana. Another attempt at independent learning...

no. 6 BabyBump - It'll be great to have a kick and contraction counter and have all pregnancy-related details in one place.

no. 7 Baby Connect - Looking ahead, this app will be really helpful in keeping track of nursing/sleeping/diaper times.

Does anyone have favorite apps they'd like to share with me?


Jihee said...

You should get Star Walk!!

Christina Lee said...

AWESOME! I have an iPhone and my apps are out of control! Esp. my Kindle app!