Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

We started out the weekend driving down to the LA Farmer's Market. We haven't been there for a year so it was nice to go back and get some yummy food for lunch (Brazilian BBQ & Greek). We also spent some time shopping at the Grove to pass time before heading over to the concert.

SMTOWN Live '10 World Tour LA
SMTOWN Live '10 World Tour LA
{View from our seats}

SMTOWN Live '10 World Tour LA

SMTOWN Live '10 World Tour LA
{Kangta & GoAra}

SMTOWN Live '10 World Tour LA
{SHINee Key}

SMTOWN Live '10 World Tour LA

SMTOWN Live '10 World Tour LA

SMTOWN Live '10 World Tour LA
{Girls' Generation}

SMTOWN Live '10 World Tour LA

The concert was about 4 hours long and full of performances by SMTOWN artists. Honestly, it was mostly a Super Junior and SHINee concert with performances in between by other artists. They came out so many times (even featuring in other artists' performances) and every single time the fans went CRAZY. It was so loud! Expected at a concert of course but four hours of bass pounding through my body and having to stand up for a lot of the concert gave me such a headache. I should probably mention that I caught a cold the day before the concert and my sore throat prevented me from singing along and screaming along with everyone else so I was tired and didn't really get into it. :(

We headed to the after party since we had tickets even though I was so tired. It was nice to have the VIP room where it was a little quieter with some appetizers but I don't really get the point of an after party if it's just older people standing around talking and younger people waiting around with their cameras near the red carpet.

SMTOWN Live '10 After Party
SMTOWN Live '10 After Party

This is a picture of a Super Junior member walking off the stage. The artists stopped at the red carpet for pictures then came on stage and walked off waving towards their private room. We only stuck around to see Super Junior, Girls' Generation, and SHINee. Actually, we were stuck for about 40 minutes because we couldn't find another exit to leave LOL. We finally left through the balcony after a little more than an hour... actually it was more like escape.

LA lights

Staples Center
Then we drove to our hotel and conked out at 1am. I thought I was going to keel over... this is why I can't go out at night haha. But I appreciate the experience, thanks to allkpop.

The next morning was spent inhaling dimsum and blowing my nose raw. :)
How did you spend your three-day weekend? I hope everyone's weekend was fun (& healthy)!

There are more pictures of the concert at my flickr. All were taken with my p&s so quality isn't great.


missy pig said...


looks like it was fun!!

Linda said...


Saw your link from soompi! I was there too in section 112! I love this post!