Monday, September 20, 2010

New Shoes

I love PacSun because I can find everything I want there. It's amazing.
I found two new pairs of shoes while browsing the Santa Monica store this past weekend!

I've been on the lookout for a comfortable pair of sneakers for a long time now and the toms I got didn't work out. I'm too afraid of the pain of breaking them in so they're still nice and unused (should get on wearing them out). Vans usually don't work out for me but this style has the most comfortable fabric that stretches to fit my feet. I also love the hightop, so cute!

Vans Mirah Hightop Black Sneaker
{Mirah Hightop Black Sneaker}

I've also been looking out for a pair of brown leather boots for fall/winter since all of my boots are suede. After a fail with Target, I found these lovelies! I don't even know what brand they are but they fit and I love them. Oh, and they were definitely the right price. :)

Flat Peggy in Cognac

Flat Peggy in Cognac
{Flat Peggy in Cognac}

I'm just hoping my feet don't grow... I hear that happens when you're pregnant.

I adore these new shoes and I'm so happy with my purchases. Have you made any recent purchases that make you smile?


jozen said...

they get wider... mine did! boo!

love the boots!

i LOVE my toms, so sad that they didn't work out too well..

Sandy a la Mode said...

love the new blog look and those boots hot momma to be!!

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