Thursday, September 2, 2010


The Top Gear episode with the smallest production car is awesome. It's from a year or two ago but it was great!

I'm very excited about this weekend! We decided to stay overnight in LA so we won't have to drive back so tired late at night.

I got a lot of happy mail today... tickets & a birthday card & a good response from the insurance company, we're waiting on another.

I really want the new iPod Touch. Waiting to see if they'll add on 3G or not...

I bought an Ergo baby carrier this morning and I love it; that's baby purchase #2. Also, I've been adding to my baby wishlist every day!

I miss hugs and kisses from my husband. He won't come near me for the past few days because he's been sick. :( Almost better though.

I will actually have something to share either tomorrow or Saturday.


Sandy a la Mode said...

so happy for you that you have so many things to be happy about! have a great long weekend!

Starry said...

I usually love top gear but missed this. That is so cute I want one, in purple!