Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This Halloween I want to be...

A cupcake!

Or an owl!

How adorable are these costumes from Pottery Barn Kids?! I had to get Tare to snap photos of these for me while we were browsing the store. :D

Actually, we don't really celebrate Halloween anymore. As much as I'd love to be a sexy cupcake or naughty owl, I think I've grown out of it.
I might just have to buy these costumes secretly ahead of time for my future daughter... they also had a very cute root beer bottle costume that I might get for my future son too. These costumes are so much more original than the run of the mill witch and superhero costumes.

Click here to browse other cute-adorable-secretlyjealoustheydidn'thavethesewhenIwasyounger costumes! Who doesn't want to be a donut or a tub of popcorn for Halloween!?


starry said...

Oh so cute! Wish I had a little prince or princess to dress up. :D

jozen said...

i saw that cupcake costume and wanted it SO bad! LOL