Friday, September 3, 2010

tokki watch: 12w & 13w

12 weeks
~2 in.

13 weeks
~3 in.

The size of the heart is the approximate length of the baby, measured from side to side.

I hope to document the progress of my pregnancy in terms of weekly baby bump size.
I haven't truly "popped" yet, but I'm looking forward to when it's not just my little secret. :)


Mariana Takagui said...

"Hana" Feliz aniversário atrasado. Estou na correria pra tirar carteira de habilitação e documentação pra mudar e morar no Japão. Tão adorável essa fase do crescimento do bebê! Continue nos mostrando cada passo ok!? Grande beijo.

Mariana Takagui said...

Sorry! Delet my comment and agreed that >
"Hana" Happy belated birthday. I'm in the rush to take driver's license and documentation for change and live in Japan so lovely this phase of growth of the baby! Keep showing us every step ok?! Big kiss.