Sunday, October 17, 2010

Crochet Addict

These past two weeks I've been making a comeback in crochet! It's fun and exciting to follow new patterns and I think it's really great for the baby too since he or she seems to move around more while I'm sitting and working on projects. ;)

I think I started this blanket over a year ago... it just got so monotonous for me that I stopped working on it for a while, would go back to it for a day or two, then stash it away again--until finally! I pushed through and finished it last week. It seems to measure around 65"x60" and is oh so soft and pretty in blue. I'm looking forward to snuggling under it when the weather gets cooler.

Pretty in Blue

I have a basket of yarn of various colors that need to be used up and when I found this tutorial, I knew it would be perfect!
Crochet bunting
If you can't see (sorry the lighting is so bad!), the colors are a light cream-yellow, purple, and pale blue. It actually turned out pretty gender neutral which is great because it's hanging in the nursery.

I have a new list of projects to complete for the rest of the month and I'm so excited to crochet away with the new yarn I got over the weekend! I'm glad I have a comforting hobby to come back to every fall.

What do you enjoy doing when fall comes around?


Sandy a la Mode said...

AHHH I LOVE IT!!! crochet bunting, what a GREAT idea!! you should totally start a shop!! :)

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

love that crochet bunting - its beautiful!!!

i wish i could crochet. no patience for it. haha.

happy monday!!

Christy said...

A crocheted bunting--so fab! Learning to crochet is definitely on my bucket list.