Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Sweater Collection

01. Brown Button Hooded Long Sleeve Maternity Tunic $24.99
02. Woodmere Maternity Henley Sweater in Green by Noppies Maternity $44
03. GAP Dolman Sweater $49.50
04. ON Maternity Wool-Blend Cocoon Coats $85
05. Isabella Oliver Maternity Cable Batwing Sweater $134.50
06. LOFT Maternity Trench Coat $158
07. Classic Long Sleeve Maternity Coat by Olian Maternity $172
08. Isabella Oliver Maternity Shawl Wrap Cardigan $195.00
09. Vince Long Sleeve Sleeve Detail Maternity Sweater $235

The fall season is here (although I haven't experienced the cooler weather where I live yet)! It makes me think of hot drinks, rainy days, colored leaves, scarves, and especially sweaters. I've selected some maternity sweater favorites from around the web while wishing it wasn't over 90 degrees today.

The first three choices are thinner layering pieces that would be lovely to have for the mild fall and winter seasons. I especially like the dolman sweater because of the arms (although I'm not sure if it's flattering on me).
I think the Old Navy cocoon coat is so cute with the collar. The huge chunky batwing sweater? YES please! That looks so amazingly comfortable. The trench coat is beautiful although I would have liked to see what it looks like closed on a model.
I love the fitted look of the maternity coat because it flatters the pregnant body. The shawl wrap cardigan looks like luxurious comfort. And the last one I just can't believe is over $200.

I'm having trouble deciding what I really need in terms of maternity clothes. I'm trying to make my pre-pregnancy clothes work for as long as possible but I'm running out of long shirts that are long enough and I can't get my biggest jeans up anymore so the belly band won't help with that. Ah, at least I can "window shop" online...

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Sandy a la Mode said...

girl i LOVE your new blog look~!!! i'll keep these sweaters in mind for whenever i get pregnant hehe! :D