Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Funny happening

Last night at 9:30 pm I decided to go check the mail. Tare and Aji came with since it was dark.

We're halfway there when Tare suddenly exclaims "There's a dog behind you!"

I look behind me and see a fluffy white animal and am quite startled.

This little dog started following us to the mailbox while Aji is freaking out in Tare's arms wanting to get a sniff of the little dog.

This little dog is quite cute and attempts to get closer to Aji although she only gets as high as Tare's knee, if that.

We see she has her collar on so we check it and it's the neighbor's (across the street) dog. She follows us to our house as we give them a call after they don't answer the door.

{Me? Lost? nooooo~}

Her name is Alibee. She is like a third of Aji's length.

{Hi stranger!}

The neighbors came out after the call and said their son had just found a hole in their backyard. I'm not sure why this tiny dog dug her way out but she was having a good time. She was very obedient too... If she didn't have a collar I think we would have adopted her.

I'm glad we found her and returned her to her owners quickly though. It was meant to be that I check the mail so late so this little dog could go home.
Tare and I were hypnotized by her cuteness for a while. I think it's hilarious that such a tiny dog has no fear and followed us around and let us touch her and even followed our commands.
Aji was upset we didn't let her play with her little friend.


Sandy a la Mode said...

awwww what a cute little story and puppy! maybe you guys can get a puppy one day after your baby is born!! :D

hana said...

Definitely planning on it! We were wanting to get one this year but baby changed our plans :)

Bora said...

Aww! How cute~ Man. I need a puppy.