Friday, October 8, 2010

great start

morning: drive to Santa Monica, purchased something used and red.

oh the sacrifices of a father-to-be, he sold his wrx for a forester. it's so sweet, I love him even more for it.

afternoon: lunch at Fritto Misto, a cute Italian place with great food.

{jumbo ravioli & italian turkey sausage lasagna with pink sauce}

late afternoon: homeward bound (driving for the first time on a CA highway for me!) and lovely packages waiting for me in the mail.
the first a sweet package from my mom with some maternity clothes ♥
the second my giveaway prize from one pearl button

look at those pretty new sharpies, drool.

evening: good ol' KFC for dinner & watching tv shows; thursday night tv is great for fridays
one of my new favorites is Nikita from the CW!

have a great weekend everyone!

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