Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I woke up this morning and walked past the dining table as I always do to go outside with Aji. I saw something weird. The table should be clean because we just wiped it up a day or two ago and it's not in use but I saw weird dottie-looking shapes.


Closer look.

Even closer.

Then recognition.

This sneaky little creature is sometimes left alone in the house without supervision (free to roam the house) because we are slowly trusting her again not to rip up things of paper/tissue material. Yesterday we left her to run some errands. We've seen this before on previous video recordings of what she does when she's alone, but you just wouldn't know. But this time, look at that proof!! She is obviously not allowed on the dining table but she can jump up there without the help of a chair. Super-shih-tzu jumping powers.

I love her because little things like this are hilarious and cute but when I really stop to think about what she could be doing in the house while we're gone... she's going to be in her crate again for a while.


Sou mamãe da Karina Yukari!! said...

That feeling was when he felt Tokki the first time? You will gain Tokki that season? A friend has a shih-tzu and had three puppies, one of them bites like a joke, this breed is very playful!

hana said...

^I'm sorry, I'm having trouble understanding the first part of your comment.
Shih-tzu dogs are very playful but my dog is also very quiet and sweet too. :)

Jihee said...

Haha my dog does this all the time. We give her a chance to roam free but she's not allowed on the furniture, but once we caught her sleeping on top of my parents bed. We didn't even know she could jump that high, haha...

anyways, I'm so excited for your baby shower!!! I was looking at all the ideas and things you liked! Are you going to find out if tokki is a boy or girl?! Or do you want it to be a surprise?

hana said...

Jihee - We're going to find out in like 2 weeks! I'm excited~ It'll still be a surprise in 2 weeks. ;)