Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I'm a little stuck in terms of blogging these days. I need to get back in the habit...

But I've jumped back into one of my favorite hobbies, crocheting. I always come back to it more often for the fall season and the weather outside is helping me feel the change of seasons.

yarn for crochet

finished project

I already have an idea of some special gifts I want to make this year. The above is a peek at my completed practice project.

& someone has been moving! I felt tokki for the first time on Sunday. I can't wait until it's a regular thing! :)

tokki growth chart
Our hearts go up around the fireplace every week after photos.

Tonight we're having our community group bible study meeting at our house so it's very clean right now. It'll be a very clean month for us since it will be every week. We got some pumpkin pie from Costco last night to share tonight and Tare and I have both been wanting to cut in!! It looks so good and it feels so right to be eating right now in this cooler weather. Just a couple more hours to wait... I hope I make it!

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Sandy a la Mode said...

awwww i LOVE how you put the hearts up on the fireplace, sooo cute!!! love the effect you put on the pics too! so exciting that you can feel baby POP!