Monday, November 8, 2010

creativity clutter

creativity clutter

This is only some of the mess I made last night. I was in a crafting frenzy! Feels amazing to have this done though...

handmade heartfelt gifts

Ooh the anticipation! Is it just me or does anyone else feel a high when preparing gifts?
I love the planning, preparation, making, and finally giving the gifts away. You should be seeing imaginary bits of my heart on each of those bows & tags. :)

In a little over a week I can finally share what I've made! I've been itching to share... it tests me daily. It's nothing mind-blowingly-amazingly-awesome-superior-crafting (I wish) but something I found I love making and want to share the joy with you. ♥

Wishing you a bright and lovely Monday to start off the new week!


Sandy a la Mode said...

ohh can't wait for you to share what you've made!!! i love preparing and giving gifts too!!! :)

danya said...

i get the gift-giving high too!